We lead the digital transformation of companies and public institutions


LOYALTIO is a tech company that leads the digital transformation of businesses and public institutions, offering end-to-end products and solutions with the highest quality standards.


With our engineering and design skills and more than 20 years of experience of our management team in IT projects, we provide development consultancy services and deliver awesome tailor-made solutions in different domains.

Our R&D Lab is continually testing new technologies and solutions to put LOYALTIO at the forefront of innovation while our business consultants focus on the development of new business models around data exploitation.


Founded in 2014 by Martin Mendez, with offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Dubai, LOYALTIO aims to become the loyal tech partner you need to make your digital projects come true. Let us walk you through our company!






In LOYALTIO our goal is to build trust-based relationships with our clients.
We are fully committed with our clients and their projects and we share the following values:

We believe in designing technology for companies and public institutions that will contribute to create a better future.

We strive to meet our customers’ needs and to go beyond their expectations. Our solutions solve problems and add value.

We love challenges and we are passionate about innovation and continuous improvement.

We seek excellence in our people and our work and we praise performance, teamwork, honesty and creativity.


LOYALTIO’s team is a group of young talented people mainly formed by software engineers, designers, business consultants, project managers and marketing and communication experts. However, internally, the team members of the are classified into four groups:


The first group is the R&D engineering team or what we call the “Dreamers” group, and our CEO, Martin Mendez, is its head. This team envisions the future and tests new technologies, new software, builds prototypes and thinks of new solutions to put LOYALTIO at the forefront of innovation.


The second group is the consulting team or what we call the “Listeners” group, and it is formed by business and tech consultants who find the right solution for each project. With a tech background, strong data-analytics skills and a business-oriented mind set, our consultants will be the perfect match for you and your project!


The third group is the “Doers” group and it is the largest. It is the group of the software engineers (developers), graphic and product designers, user experience experts, data visualization experts, video artists, data scientists, project managers and support engineers.


The fourth group is the “Helpers” group and it is formed by the operations guys, the finance department, the legal counsel, sales, marketing and communications guys and all other staff that contribute to LOYALTIO’s delivering projects on time and with high quality standards.


Martin Mendez, LOYALTIO’s CEO and founder, is a tech savvy entrepreneur whose previous company, Bitcarrier, was successfully acquired by a leading player in the smart city ecosystem in 2014.

With degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, Martin is a combination of a data scientist, a sales consultant, a business strategist, and a R&D visionary.

He loves consulting with clients and he is great at “connecting dots” – Steve Jobs dixit – and finding the technology that best suits the client’s needs.

Passionate, curious, quick-witted and a great talker, Martin easily adapts to all situations while he steers LOYALTIO into the future of digital transformation.



We provide customized IT solutions for our clients, as we analyze each project independently and suggest solutions based on the customer needs. We bear in mind that different industries have different needs, and that the DNA of each company is unique, so when approaching one project we will first understand the client’s business before designing any solution.


Once we know about your business, we will assist you to define the digital transformation project that your company or institution needs.

We will offer you concrete solutions for particular issues and we will help you to define a global digital strategy according to your needs. Because digital transformation is not the same for every company or institution and we know it.


Finally, we will develop the solution you need using the cutting-edge technologies that better fit your needs, we will deploy the solution onsite and we provide all the customer support and training needed so that you will be able to run alone and we will have accomplished a great project.


In LOYALTIO we are always hiring high-talented engineers and consultants.

These are the values and skills we look for in our people:

  •  Creativity, imagination, curious and sharp minds
  • High performance, commitment and resilience
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Audacity, courage, thinking out of the box
  • Love for design, perfectionism
  • Eagerness to learn constantly
  • Broad mind set, flexibility and adaptability

So, explorers, dreamers, artists, code poets, mad scientists, if you wish to put your talent at our disposal, please send us your CV to info@loyaltio.com