We deliver tailor-made webs and apps with high quality standards


Creation of websites and applications, focusing on generating results so as to transform the client’s applications portfolio. Development of applications and solutions for wearable technology.

In LOYALTIO we listen to our customers and we analyse the customer’s needs in order to propose the best solution for their project.


Our websites and applications for mobile and wearable devices combine cool design and excellent performance. Our design and branding team works together with the development team so that our websites and applications are attractive, easy to use, functional and secure.


We design the user experience with great care and we adapt websites to mobile devices so that they are responsive and can adapt to all screen sizes.

We develop mobile, tablet, and wearable applications both for iOS and Android devices.


All our websites and applications comply with the highest security standards (SSL enabled) and are developed using the most efficient technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, Java, .NET, PHP, etc).


In LOYALTIO we deliver tailor-made webs and apps with high quality standards and we provide support to our clients so that any issue that may arise is solved in the shortest time.


Creation of IOT (Internet of Things) platforms and Machine to Machine systems.

In LOYALTIO we create IOT (Internet of Things) platforms and Machine to Machine systems for our clients in different industries.

The possibility of connecting almost any device (with and on and off switch) to the Internet has opened the door to multiple solutions and businesses. According to Gartner by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices.

There are several areas where the Internet of Things is quickly taking hold such as wearable devices, cars, homes, cities and the industrial Internet. In LOYALTIO we are building IOT platforms for industries in the domains of retail, healthcare and security, among others. We have embarked on the development of internet connected products for our clients.

However, the transmission of data by connected devices via Internet raises two of the major challenges for IOT systems: data privacy and cybersecurity. In LOYALTIO, our legal team supervises the design of the IOT systems so that they comply with privacy and data protection regulations and our engineers build the systems implementing high security protocols to prevent hacking attacks.


Creation of geolocation platforms and solutions based on wireless technologies.

In LOYALTIO we develop indoor positioning and navigation solutions for our clients with large facilities (e.g. shopping malls, trade fairs, hotels and convention centers, among others).

Our solutions are based in a hybridization of technologies that allow an accurate positioning of the devices and a continuous flow in navigation. The solutions are easily integrated in iOS and Android mobile, tablet and wearable apps.

Retail clients, participants in trade fairs for instance, that have downloaded and registered with our client’s app can easily navigate with their smartphones or tablets around the facilities receiving turn by turn directions and alerts of events (via push messages). LOYALTIO’s clients are provided also with the analytics of the  geolocation solution.


Development of data visualization tools, augmented reality and 3D interaction tools.

In LOYALTIO we believe that data visualization is key to the success of many projects, so we create a wide range of data visualizations for our clients and we advise them to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Nowadays, to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams is most relevant. Retail companies know it very well. One of the best ways to get your message across is to use a visualization to quickly draw attention to the key messages.

However, it is not only about delivering messages and concepts, but also by implementing visual analytics. By presenting data visually it is possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn’t be apparent from looking at stats alone.

Therefore, data visualization is a powerful tool for analytics that may be applied to a wide range of the tech projects implemented by LOYALTIO. The LOYALTIO design team creates charts and infographics but also dashboards, maps, dynamic interfaces displaying the information and eye-catching videos. And augmented reality and 3D interaction tools are also implemented in our visualization and animation projects.


Business intelligence & big data platforms and solutions

In LOYALTIO we design and implement business intelligence and big data platforms for our clients in different industries.

Most industries and public institutions need to deal with an ever increasing volume of data about their customers, their operations, their staff, etc. In LOYALTIO we provide our clients with business insights out of the thorough analysis of all data that is available. Depending on each industry, the sources of data and the key performance indicators to be monitored are different. However, our consultants assess each customer needs personally and suggest the most convenient platform and indicators. The final goal is to allow business managers to take data-driven decisions and build new business models based in the data analyzed.

On the technical side, we have large experience in designing and implementing systems that cover data collection, data integration, data processing and data visualization in real time. Our engineers are specialists in implementing non-SQL databases such as Hadoop or Cassandra and will help our consultants to spot the hidden patterns in the databases that may be useful from a business point of view.


Asset tracking for industries using expensive equipment (IT equipment, mobile devices, expensive tools, vehicles such as fork lift trucks, etc) is critical for operations. And it is extremely beneficial from a financial point of view, as eliminates costly mistakes, write-offs and ghost assets from the accounting books.

In LOYALTIO we can track our client’s valuable assets by site, location, serial number or person who is using them.

Asset tracking and monitoring of staff in critical facilities and/or for security reasons is also offered by LOYALTIO.


In LOYALTIO we implement visual recognition solutions using the latest technologies for a wide range of industries from retail to production companies. Our experts in machine learning and image recognition will select the deep learning and convolutional neural network algorithms that better suit your business needs.


In LOYALTIO we provide digital marketing, branding and communication services for our clients. The importance of these services in the digital transformation of businesses has been growing over the last few years as digital has been developing into a powerful lead generation tool and as a communication channel.


Development of data visualization tools, augmented reality and 3D interaction tools.

In LOYALTIO we provide customized IT solutions for our clients, taking into account the industry standards and the company’s unique DNA. When approaching a project, we first understand our client’s business before designing any solution.

We have a large experience in customized solutions for the retail industry in the areas of customer loyalty programs and customer behavior analytics. Both online and off line retails need to analyze and act upon the huge amount of data that customer interactions create.

Our solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers provide the insights of customer behavior, allowing retailers to create different marketing campaigns and promotions. In the online retailers, we focus on friendly user experiences and personalized customer service.

We can customize a wide variety of IT solutions for your company. For further information, please contact us at info@loyaltio.com.


LOYALTIO provides system integration services for a variety of high tech companies and governments. We are able to integrate different systems in a unique platform and to develop a dashboard that allows for information flow and decision-making.

Our technical team engages with the client’s engineering team to design and develop the best solution for the unique product development challenge. All integration process is documented and monitored so that any issues can be easily solved.

For further information and quotations, please contact our sales team at info@loyaltio.com.